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 Women to Women Mentoring

C2 Your Health Women's Initiative is a charitable organization that offers an innovative mentorship program for high school girls, women in college and women from low income neighborhoods who are interested in developing entrepreneurial skills with a health and wellness business mindset.  Through women to women mentoring we connect girls and women to successful women entrepreneurs in their community to provide guidance and insight, nutrition, health and wellness education plus introduction to entrepreneurship in the health and wellness industry.  Our program also boosts self-confidence through affirmation and recognition of achieved goals, and but also exposing our mentees to future opportunities.  We do all this in conjunction with the Women's Entrepreneur Summit in November and the Expo for Women in March every year. 


 Tavierney R. - Saint Mary’s College Internship 

"Since graduation from Saint Mary's College I have successfully completed the course of study to gain Registered Dietitian as a result of my internship with C2 Your Health. I am passionate about helping people fuel their best whether that be in sports performance, everyday life, or healing from an illness. I believe whole food nutrition is an incredibly powerful tool in feeling great and living life to the fullest. I also understand that nutrition is extremely personal and individual and that there is no one "right" nutrition plan for everyone. My main passions in life are being active (whether that be on the trail, in the gym or on the yoga mat), eating great food, trying new foods and activities, and watching Chicago Sports!" - Tavierney 

 Ross F. - Indiana University Internship

"When I began my internship I was in my early twenties. I weighed almost 450 pounds and was very unhealthy and unhappy and had little to no direction in my life. I learned about health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), life, how to build and sustain a successful business.  I felt encouraged to continue to follow my passion in college, plus was my mentor and support every step of the way to completing my Bachelors in Mass Communication- Public Relations. Additionally, with her help my health has taken a complete 360, I now weigh 205 pounds, have learned from the ground up how to eat healthy and am the healthiest I have ever been." - Ross

     Chrissy C. - Saint Mary’s College Internship 

 "After working with Cindy I am a strong believer in the importance of have women as mentors and roll models. Having a women mentor helped me to believe in myself. It also encouraged me to start believing more confidently in my dreams and passions with a focus on how I can help others.  Wile working on the Expo for Women I put into practice the skills I learned such as how to run a successful business, network with other businesses owners, conduct meetings, plan and execute a expo as a micro-business.  I saw how the community benefits from this great event and all the women who exhibit and attend the event. I also put to work my skills in developing a health and wellness newsletter, keeping my health in the forfront of my life moving forward.  I saw for the first time I saw how to find my passion in life and work can truely make life rewarding."  - Chrissy 

 Riley P. - Saint Mary’s College Internship 

"My internship with C2 Your Health LLC was an amazing opportunity. I felt very lucky to have a role in a female owned and operated business where I learned so much about nutrition, entrepreneurship, marketing, event planning, and so much more. I even discovered my own personal passion for health and wellness along the way! The skills I learned have absolutely aided me to be successful in my current position of Brand Marketer. Cindy has been a wonderful mentor and encourager, even years after graduation.“  Riley 

 Christy N. – Brown Mackie College Internship 

"Having a female mentor was an exciting experience! The time went by super fast because there was so much to do! We went to several social networking events, which helped me make local connections. I participated in many of the projects Cindy was working on, including recruiting businesses to participate in the Expo for Women. I really enjoyed working with Cindy, she was able to find ways to mentor me that related to my personal life. We often ate together and she introduced me to some healthy meals that were actually tasty! I would recommend interning for Cindy because she knows what tools are needed to be successful and she loves to share her knowledge!" - Christy


 Stephanie G. - Western Governors University Internship

"While attending Western Governors University last semester internship requried Community Health Field Experience on Obesity Prevention, I couldn’t think of a better person mentoring me than Mrs. Cohen.  She is very knowledgeable in nutrition, community health and entrepreneurship. Mrs. Cohen assisted me with my project. She enriched my intern experience by connecting  me to women entrepreneurs and very beneficial local resources to assist me with my Obesity Prevention project. Her innovative approach helped me when I thought I exhausted all resources. I am very grateful for her assistance and mentorship.  She is very knowledgeable in nutrition and resources wit in the community. Completing this intership set me up for future success in my nursing career." - Stephanie


 Owners, The WHOLESOME Package 

"We opened The Wholesome Food Package in May 2016. After being in business for awhile, we bagan looking for additional resources and mentoring. Saint Mary's University SPARK program helped us developed a business plan and model that saved our business.  One of our business challenges is we are in the kitchen preparing foods, we have no stsore front, marketing to new and exsisting customers is a challenge. The Expo for Women provided the opportunity to introduce our concept to the larger community an network with other business women owners.  At the expo we able were to make powerful connections, create new avenues for referrals and get new ideas.  From the expo the idea emerged for a Girls Night Out with the vendors to continue the relationship, learn from each other and increase referrals."  - Anna and Nichole, Owner

CEO/Owner, I.W.A. Publishing Services

"Participating in the Expo for Women increased my business significantly!  I gained new clients, got great publishing tips, learned about the local writer and author's groups, and even made some friends!  I also sold books!  What's especially beneficial about the Expo for Women is that clients are often gained months after the event.  Never underestimate the power of networking. The Expo for Women is the perfect venue to showcase your talent offering immediate and long term progress for your business"  - Zorina Exie J. Frey, Owner

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